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Troop Philosophy

BSA Timeless Values

Our philosophy is very basic. We are here for the boys to learn and have a good time doing it. Scout Troops are ideally “boy-run.” This means that the boys run the troop. Of course the adults are there to supervise and make sure things go according to BSA Policy. Our troop is mostly “boy-run.” We have tried the extremes in the past, and have found this way works the best. So what we do is to allow the boys to decide where they are going camping, what badges they are going to earn as a troop, and they plan the meetings and run them for the most part. We as adults step in when appropriate to give guidance, and to teach skills they don’t know. Of course, the newer the scouts, the more adult involvement until they can reach a level of competency. Also along with this, once they get older, they tend to run the troop more on their own.

We stress Leadership. All of the boys hold a leadership position at some point while in the troop.

We also like the boys to learn as much as they can or choose to. Between myself and my other adult leader’s, as well as the older scouts, we have a great amount of knowledge to share.

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