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We like to see boys advance in ranks from new scouts to EAgle. If you work hard, and complete the requirements, you can advance quickly. It is truly up to you with your parents and the troop to help you along. We will do what we can in the troop, but the desire to earn these ranks is up to you. The ranks are as follows: Scout, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, Star, Life, and Eagle. **After First Class is obtained, there is a requirement of 6 months active participation betwen each of the following ranks.

At the end of each set of requirements, there is a Scoutmaster Conference, and Board of Review. The SM conference is done by the scoutmaster, and the troop committee does the Board of Review. These are small meetings to test your knowledge and what you learned during this rank. This also serves as your forum – you are one-to-one with the SM or one-to-few during the BoR – to provide your views and opinions on how things are running, and what you liked and disliked. This helps the troop to have the strongest program possible – because it is driven by what you and the rest of the boys really want.

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