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Halloween Haunt at Kings Island – October 2015 Campout

Friday night started off like many others. The group met at the Eagles. The Troop and Crew loaded equipment and cars and we were off.

For the first time, we used Camp Friedlander for our Kings Island campout. It’s a lot closer (15-20 mins) so when I planned, I figured that was a better drive than an hour after 12-14 hours in Kings Island. lol.

Once at camp, the youth set up like many other nights, but with some learning for newer and older scouts alike as we transitioned back to 2 man tents for the first time in a long time due to some equipment failures over the last few months and the retirement of the larger Patrol tents.

After the setup, fun, food and fellowship before laying down to get some rest before a fun filled day.

Up Saturday morning to start cooking Scoutmaster Slop (Scout Favorite) Eggs, Hashbrowns and Sausage. Some newer scouts joined in and manned cooking. The youth cooked a pretty good meal as no left overs to be found.

Off to Kings Island for a fun filled, spooky day. We got to KI, tickets and drink bracelets in hand.. Rules laid out for youth with meeting times and buddy rules or would be stuck with me all day. They were off till required meet time at 6pm.

The younger scouts started the day off with Andrea, Bill and myself. We joined them for rides on Banshee and The Bat before the ditched us for Firehawk. (Not my cup of tea to be strapped in and flying around staring at the ground. lol).

Andrea, Bill and I went off to Kiddie Land and rode Boo Blasters on Boo Hill. Well lets just say, Bill showed us up as he got over 1200 points and was a Master blaster, while Andrea was an Apprentice with over 800 pts and me with less than 450 pts, just a beginner. I’m blind in one eye. Thats my excuse and I’m sticking too it. LOL.

Bill and I then joined Tyler B and Tyler R for a trip on Diamondback. This is a favorite of Bill and I and I think it may have made a good impression on Tyler and Tyler as well

Luckily, weather held off for a long period throughout the day. It was cooler and gloomy, but no rain till late afternoon.

We ran into a few groups from time to time till our check in at 6pm. By then rain had started, so Andrea, Bill and I made claims to a table in the Festhaus.

Let me just say, we were in there on and off till we did our final meet at 11pm. The Monster Rock show was good the first time, ok the 2nd, but by the 3rd, 4th and 5th times we heard it, UGH!!!

We left shortly after 11 and headed back to camp.

All in all, I think fun was had by all and thats all we can hope for. Check out Boy Scout Troop 279 on Facebook for some great pictures thanks to Andrea and Bill.

Written by Justin Sayre

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