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Memorial Day Flags

Our troop helped place flags for veterans at the Glen Rest cemetery. This was a great morning. After all the flags were put in and you looked out over the acres and acres of waving flags, one could not help but to take pause. Beneath each of those flags was someone that served our country so we could enjoy the freedoms that we have. There were many dates on the grave stones that indicated that some of these people gave their lives in battle to protect those freedoms. It is so good that we take time to reflect on this as a nation and I am proud that Troop 279 and the other Scout Troops/Packs participated in the event. These are the type of things that make Scouting so important.

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Thunderbase – April 2014

We had a staggered entrance since Andrea and I were on staff, the troop arrival and then others came later due to band etc. But we were all there by 7:30ish. 27 people between the Troop and Crew this weekend.

Like to take a second and say it was a pleasure to host Cub Scouts from Pack 326 who camped with us this weekend.

Setup was quick, well for the kids anyway. The boys and girls (Crew) were pleasantly surprised to see tents all up. Andrea and I had been there since noon and got over zealous and put them all up. We thought with the limited space we had to share with all other Tri-Creek troops / packs / crews if we just got them up early, our space would be defined.

Up early to get ready to enjoy what Thunderbase would have to offer. Once up, we cooked and sat down to enjoy breakfast. Then off to explore Thunderbase. The scouts enjoyed bounce houses, zip lines, climbing walls, Shotgun Shooting, BB gun, Tomahawk Throwing, Scout shop, Trading Post, Scouting Heritage Displays, World Scouting Displays including uniforms from all over the world and much much more.

We took a short break midday for a quick lunch and rest then back to it.

As the day’s activities came to a close it was back to camp to prepare dinner. The boys enjoyed pasta. A little break and then off to the closing ceremony. I heard some interesting comments regarding the cover band for the evening. But hey, for a scouting event, you can’t always have the best. It ended with a nice Firework display.

Then back to camp, crackerbarrel of some Cheese Puffs and Cheese It’s (I know, so nutritious) and off to bed.

Up again for a quick breakfast and pack followed by some Frisbee time.

All and all I think it was another successful weekend for Troop 279.

Thank You – ASM Luke Thomas

Tonight we said Thank You to our ASM Luke Thomas and see ya later (who likes goodbye). Luke has been with us, first as a scout where he held almost every leadership position then as an adult at the age of 18. Working with him over the last 10 years I can’t tell you how much he’s progressed and what a great leader, resource, teacher, mentor and friend he’s become. He will be greatly missed. We wish you the very best and be safe in your next journey serving our country in the United States Navy. I’m very proud of you.

Stay in touch when you can. Whenever you’re back in the neighborhood stop by and say hello.

Justin Sayre
Scoutmaster, Troop 279

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