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Congratulations New Eagle – Miles J

April 30, 2014
Please join me in congratulating Miles J on being awarded the rank of Eagle Scout tonight. Miles joins an ever growing list of Troop 279 scouts who have reached this milestone. He is the 32nd Eagle under our leadership since I’ve been the scoutmaster. 2014 could very well be the year with the highest number of Eagles we’ve ever had if the boys who are currently working continue to push.

Again congrats Miles. Job well done.

Justin Sayre
Scoutmaster, Troop 279

Lost River Caves – April 2014

I doubt I am as insightful as Mr. Crider, but here is an attempt since he wasn’t able to join us this weekend.

We all arrived by 6 pm and hit the road for our 6 hour journey. 11 Scouts / 4 adults this weekend. Travel proved fairly easy on the way down except when we hit our last leg of the trip, it indicated we would be on site by 11:45pm, we were thinking great news as it was 10:50pm, until looking at the mileage saying 96 miles until destination. Well there was no way, even with my driving to make 96 miles in a lil less than an hour. Well thanks to Ryan for confirming via google the Bowling Green, KY is in the Central Time Zone so they are an hour behind us. BUMMER.

Setup was quick and off to bed.

We let folks sleep in a bit. Once up, we cooked and sat down to enjoy breakfast. Then off to explore our campsite. This is a very nice facility. In addition to the huge campsite, there is an attached waterpark and amusement park as well as a raceway. We were close to shower / restroom facilities. This is the obvious place for some summer fun in Bowling Green.

Well it was off to the caves for our tour. The tour was very nice. The cave is deep in the ravine. We boarded the boat for our tour. It was really cool to see all the stalagmites, rock formations, etc in a cave that has so much water running through it. The guide was friendly and very informative.

After the boat ride it was back to camp for lunch and some R&R. The kids enjoyed walking over to the raceway and watching some dragstrip races. They also enjoyed some conversation with neighbors who were professional Ultimate Frisbee players in town for massive tournament. (Who knew??). The guys played some frisbee with them for awhile.

It was off to dinner at Ryan’s Steakhouse. We enjoyed the buffet. If you left less than stuffed that was your own fault. then back to the cave to earn their Insect Study MB. The naturalist was great with the kids and they learned a lot about insects. They were all engaged in the presentation.

Then back to camp and off to bed. Up early for a quick breakfast and pack for our 6 hour drive back home.

All and all I think it was another successful weekend for Troop 279.

Justin Sayre
Scoutmaster, Troop 279

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