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Cub Camp – February 2001

We went camping February 16-18, 2001 to Camp Averyhand in Mansfield. We were honored to have the Webelo 2 Den from Pack 399 in Pickerington to join us. Nick Z., my Junior Assistant Scoutmaster is also their Den Cheif. We all had a good time, and the webelos learned some things about cold weather camping.

Home Sweet Home

Here is the picture of our cabin we stayed in. It is heated by a pot belley stove. It was a tight fit. It only sleeps 20. Well we had 20 people there. But all was well. We all stayed warm and comfortable.

Look Mom—–Heat!!

This is a picture of the pot belley stove. Last month when our troop went to klondike, we stayed in the same cabin. At one time we had the stove so hot it was almost red. The temperature in the room was 105 degrees.

This is Troop 279’s sled used for klondike. The boys use it to ease them moving our gear around. This was just built this year. Our old sled was quite heavy and begining to fall apart. They saved the one side of the sled with her name on it. They named it BABE.

AX Murderer or Boy Scout!!

Here is Chris B. choping some wood so that we can stay warm and toasty in the cabin all day and night. The only thing about this though–they chop it all up–but they don’t wake up in the middle of the night to put more in the stove. Hummm.–something wrong with this. Oh well

Webelo 2 Pack 399

Here is a picture of the young Webelos. Although, these boys already had some camping experience. Most of the time with webelos, you end up trying to keep them warm because they didn’t pack right. Not these guys, we only had to try to keep them busy. I do think we had succes. Their leader Guy Humphrey said they all had a good time at the campout. Well opefully this won’t be the last time they come camping with us. But hopefully the next time they will be scouts in my troop.

The Fabulous Five

Here are the fathers of the webelos. They managed ok out there. They did say that we sure knew how to cook. Must have been good for all of us–because there wasn’t much left.

BOO !!

Here is Saul C. our Senior Patrol Leader. I think he was trying to scare someone. It didn’t work. Oh well. Better luck next time Saul.

Junior Assistant Scoutmaster/Den Cheif Cooking??

Well I guess Nick Z. still remembers how to scramble some eggs. Nick is my Junior Assistant Scoutmaster, and Den Cheif for the Webelos. He is also and Eagle Scout.


This is MAX. He is my 4 month old Puppy. He is pure bread Beagle. He loves the outside, so I take him camping. He is getting accostume to the rules of camping. This is his second trip. My scouts love having him there. The webelos thought it was cool to have a dog go camping with us.

Breakfast in a WOK

Here is Saul C. and Evan K. They are cooking the breakfast of champions–Scoutmaster Slop. They love it. The webelos didn’t think it was half bad either.

Charles Front and Center

Here is Charles H. our Assistant Senior Patrol Leader

The Whole Gang

Here is a picture of most of us.

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